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A Pathway in Monet's Garden Rain Cape

A Pathway in Monet's Garden Rain Cape

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Galleria's RainCape line is uniquely designed with famous artists’ images on one side and a coordinating color on the other. The  RainCape comes with either a matching famous artists print or solid color pouch.

Our RainCapes are reversible, water repellent and lightweight with a luxurious soft feeling. Invisible magnets strategically placed to keep your RainCape intact on a windy day. In addition, Galleria offers the most up to date two-tone colorways for those who prefer solid colors.

Whether you are expecting some rain, or just want a sophisticated look, our RainCapes can be used for any occasion. Look no further, Galleria's designs are unlike no other. Truly gorgeous pieces of art, a Galleria staple.

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