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Being a Kid Again Wall Hanging

Being a Kid Again Wall Hanging

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  • 100% cotton fabric and batting
  • W 25 x H 36 inches

As my kids embark on adulthood, I've been super nostalgic, not only for their younger years, but my own. And nothing takes me back to elementary school in the '80s — my scrawny arms stacked with jelly bracelets — like neon colours. 

 When I stumbled upon neon cotton ages ago, I just picked some up because the colours made me so happy. I ended up starting a series of wall hangings for lovers of bright, bold colours, creative expression and nurturing that little kid inside all of us. 

I've called this first one "Being a Kid Again" because that's how I felt as I was creating the design. 

Kristy Woudstra of Gezellig Studio in Hamilton is a minimalist, modern quilter who uses geometric shapes and solid colours to express her thoughts and emotions. As the daughter of very practical Dutch immigrants, she is drawn to the functionality of this art form. The idea of people (usually women) stitching scraps of fabric together over the centuries to bring their families comfort is both inspiring and humbling.

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