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Blue Key Coin Purse

Blue Key Coin Purse

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This gorgeous design shows a modern twist on the vintage coin purse. The red diamond pattern is accentuated on this oversized coin purse made of burlap. The bronze metallic clasp frame opens to reveal an interior phone pocket.

Cee Wee Designs, based in Hamilton, creates wearable art for the professional woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. We pride ourselves in providing you with modern accessories which exude luxury and confidence. Our aim is to create pieces which strike the perfect balance between a classic aesthetic and a little pizzazz. Despite being a self-taught artisan, quality craftsmanship and distinct architectural silhouettes define the Cee Wee aesthetic.

We utilize a variety of material including different types of fabric, premium vegan leather and luxury faux furs. It is a time-intensive labour of love crafting these unique bags, and we thoroughly enjoy the creative process; creating something new and different that truly stands out.

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