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Canadian Art Magazine: Spring 2021

Canadian Art Magazine: Spring 2021

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Spring 2021: Frequencies

This issue came together during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when separation has become a routine, although not necessarily pleasurable, experience. Lockdowns in many parts of the country have meant attuning to different ways of engaging with art, as gallery visits are restricted and art spaces offer programming online. This was an opportunity to spend time with practices that prioritize multisensory experiences, not only the visual but also the sonic and the haptic. These sit alongside registers—including different forms of communication or transmission—that exist beyond human perception. Together, these aesthetic experiences consider the role of frequencies as modulators of artistic practice. Many of the artists here focus specifically on listening, rethinking their relationships to sound and finding intimacy and connection beyond imagery. At a time when screen culture is a pervasive and all-encompassing aspect of culture at large, the artists in this issue ask for a pause, a realignment, to think about the aesthetic experiences that come through different ways of sensing.

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