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Detours: A Notebook for the Curious Traveler

Detours: A Notebook for the Curious Traveler

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Journey more creatively with this handy pocket-sized notebook from bestselling author and artist Kate Pocrass.

This illustrated field guide is chock-full of ideas and prompts encouraging you to deviate from your itinerary, explore with all your senses, and capture often-overlooked details. Whether you're around the corner or across the globe, use these pages to create a unique snapshot of your adventures! Includes a pocket to stash odds and ends.

EXPERIENCED & INSPIRING AUTHOR: Kate Pocrass is an avid traveler and the author and illustrator of several travel-themed journals and gift products. She is a firm believer in making the journey as interesting as the destination.

FUN GIFT OR SELF-PURCHASE FOR TRAVELERS AND CREATIVES: A great way to gift new experiences! With 65 inspiring prompts and charming illustrations throughout, this handy little notebook is a thoughtful gift for travelers and those looking to tap into their creativity.

PERFECT FOR TRIPS OF ALL SORTS OR SIMPLY TO SPICE UP A DAILY ROUTINE: Whether you're setting off on a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a journey abroad, the prompts in this journal are designed to accommodate all kinds of adventures. One notebook can be used for one trip or many trips: the choice is yours. Just have fun!

Perfect for:

• Travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and creative spirits
• Alternative to standard travel journals for adults, teens, and kids
• Gift for birthday, graduation, holiday, bon voyage, or any occasion that celebrates adventure and exploration
• A playful and inspiring resource for anyone looking for new experiences and ways to add spontaneity to their daily routines
• Fans of Kate Pocrass, her I Was Here travel journal, Average magazine, and other popular creative projects

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