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Feeling Tense? Gentrification In Hamilton Zine

Feeling Tense? Gentrification In Hamilton Zine

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  • Paperback
  • 10 Pages

Sylvia Nickerson is currently our artist in residence at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

This zine explores the role of art and culture in Hamilton's economic development and revitalization of the urban core through a survey of recent events.

Sylvia Nickerson is a local comics artist, writer and illustrator who has received national acclaim for her stark and poignant work. Nickerson's practice, over two-decades long, has frequently explored the emotional underworld of urban life, as she thinks about the way humans connect or feel disconnected. In her many comics and illustrated works, alienation and isolation prevail, though characters inhabit busy urban scenes.

In the last decade, the theme of motherhood has become a dominant focus in her world. Nickerson herself became a mother and has since drawn on these experiences.

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