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Garden Lantern Pendant

Garden Lantern Pendant

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"If all the neato features of lampworking bead making were in one place, it would be in this bead. The shape is several melt and roll steps that starts with 3 single beads, there’s a roll-over through reactive frit, and then finally there’s a Lausha wrap to light up the colour layers. It is to be carried into the night, and all the way through until next Summer."

This bead is approximately 1 1/2 “ long, and set with silver findings. The silver chain is not included.


Hello and Welcome to the AGH Festival’s Online Pop-up Shop! My name is Adrienne Yeardye, and I’m a lampwork glass artist, living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. I am delighted to be your guest host for this leg of your arty journey. When I thought about the collection I would create for the festival, I initially planned to share the technical process and intricacies of glass work with you. It’s a unique and complicated medium, yet also incredibly accessible. The equipment required to work with soft glass is compact, simple to set up, and has travelled along with me to become several happy at-home studios over the years. I’ll naturally include a little of the process in the descriptions of my pieces here, but mostly I’ll be telling the story of the beads. Lampwork is very much about the meditative process of glass as the medium. The glass simply will not be rushed, and so my job as the artist is to support the colour layers as they unfold. It’s a kind of conversation, where I get really connected with each bead. In fact, I didn’t change my mind about the collection here, it was the Serendipity Trading Bead’s idea! When I pulled it out of the kiln, it raised its metaphorical hand and said: “Hey Lady, tell the stories. Share what we beads mean to you. That’s the real purpose of art.” So, if you are here, we resonate. Art speaks to us, and for us. It teaches us. We believe art is an expression of life, and the art we see inspires the story within ourselves to be shared. My wish for you as you experience all that the AGH is offering our community, is to see yourself in all this beautiful work. What are you inspired to experience and remember? What is your amazing and unique story?!

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