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Nassau Classic Tumbler

Nassau Classic Tumbler

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Hand made and shaped vessel from Sirius Glassworks based in Lake Erie, ON. These tumblers vary wildly and each one is a pleasure to gaze at. The decoration can range the full spectrum of opaque and transparent colours, earth tones, jewel tones, primary colour blocks, sparkly bits and mood ring areas, dots, lines and squiggles. Made by rolling random handfuls of re-purposed and recycled colourful bits onto molten glass, that is fused and formed into a cup and then iridized.

Each cup will be entirely unique from the ones pictured and we can't guarantee that certain colours will or won't be present. It'll just be a pleasant surprise.

SIZE & CARE All items are one of a kind and roughly measure 6"T x 2.5"W. Incredibly light and comfortable to hold! Hand blown glass is not dishwasher safe and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Please do not use for hot beverages.

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