Is Canada Even Real?

Is Canada Even Real?

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This quirky ode to a quirky land is a humorous nostalgia trip and a fun Canadian history lesson couched in a hipster quiz book. By Hamilton author J.C. Villamere

  • 304 pages
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-45973-883-6
  • 5 x 7 in

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • Why is the inuksuk more revered than Wheelchair Jimmy?
  • Does the iconic beaver really represent us better than The Littlest Hobo?
  • Is everyone going canoeing without me or is canoeing way less of a thing than it’s made out to be?

then this book is for you.

Is Canada even real? It’s a question that’s being asked more and more, thanks to our waterproof, see-through, supposedly maple-scented currency and our improbably hot prime minister’s assertion that Santa lives here.

Is Canada Even Real? examines the cultural factors behind the twenty-first-century monolithic myth of Canada, a nation that is lovable and real — if only in your imagination.

About the author: J.C. Villamere, who knew how to drive a Ski-Doo by age eight, reminds you that your country is wise and weird and you’re in charge of keeping it that way.

Villamere is an alumna of the Banff Centre for the Arts who studied journalism at Carleton University. She has worked as a senior editor at Canadian Living and Hamilton Magazine. Her writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Living, Style at Home, Elle Canada, Flare, The Stone Slide Corrective, Tin Roof Press, Hamilton Magazine, Interiors and more. She’s won two National Magazine Awards and her work has been shortlisted for CBC’s Canada Writes competition.