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Jester-vibe Speckled Planter

Jester-vibe Speckled Planter

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This fun and functional large planter was handthrown and then altered to create the jester like top. The glazes mimic colours typically found in a jester cap and the chrome-looking balls add that little bit of bling delight. 8" H x 9" W

Percaso Pottery handcrafted by Sandra Maga

My adventures in clay started about 5 years ago and quickly became my passion once I realized the versatile nature of clay.  There is something so satisfying, grounding and therapeutic about getting your hands into a piece of clay and transforming it into a delightful creation that remains unchanged indefinitely…and often evokes emotions of joy, amusement and pleasure for myself and the observer/customer.

Much of my inspiration comes from nature with its’ stunning colours and textures, but quite often I work spontaneously and go in the direction the clay takes me. It’s truly rewarding when a finished piece is exactly as I envisioned - but I’ve learned that clay and glazes often take on a life of their own and the outcome can be a ‘happy accident’ or a disaster - hence my business name, Percaso...the Italian word for 'by chance'.    

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