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Manga SS Pitt Artist Set

Manga SS Pitt Artist Set

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Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition.

This has always been an interesting medium for artists and graphic artists, it lends drawings expression and durability and can also be combined with many other drawing techniques.

Faber-Castell has combined all the advantages of artist's inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use disposable pen - the Pitt Artist Pen.

The pigmented and very lightfast drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration.

-The set contains everything you need to get started with comic and Manga drawing
-Developed by professional comic and Manga artists
- 3 ink Pitt Artist Pens with tips S = 0.3 mm (black) and B = brush tip (warm grey III, black)
- 1 GRIP 2001 HB pencil
- 1 metal sharpener
- 1 eraser
- 1 lay figure
- 1 template
- 1 instructions leaflet
- 1 Manga drawing black

Ideal gift for young and old alike!

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