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Total Eclipse Baby Quilt

Total Eclipse Baby Quilt

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  • 100% cotton and batting
  • H 35 x W 35 inches

This is part of a series of whole-cloth baby quilts I designed, had digitally printed and sewed together. Each one is inspired by a song and this one is "Total Eclipse of the Heart."  

These quilts make wonderful heirloom baby gifts. They're the perfect size for tummy time or to tuck around your baby in the stroller on a cool day. You can even hang it on the wall of a nursery. 

Please keep in mind that these hand-crafted quilts are individually printed and may have some imperfections. I hope this only adds to their uniqueness and story.  

Kristy Woudstra of Gezellig Studio in Hamilton is a minimalist, modern quilter who uses geometric shapes and solid colours to express her thoughts and emotions. As the daughter of very practical Dutch immigrants, she is drawn to the functionality of this art form. The idea of people (usually women) stitching scraps of fabric together over the centuries to bring their families comfort is both inspiring and humbling.

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