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At Home in the Hay Terri Lemire-Wilson Puzzle

At Home in the Hay Terri Lemire-Wilson Puzzle

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Terri is a Saskatchewan-born painter, illustrator, and animator who works with themes of memory, childhood, and humour. In her paintings, Terri nurses a love for the expansive prairie landscape, combining elements inspired by folk art and her family’s generational quilting past- time to create a series of painted patchwork landscape fantasies.

« At Home In The Hay » is Terri’s reaction to memories of her husband’s family farmhouse, now abandoned, and sitting hours away from pretty much anywhere. Visits to the house (which has now been taken over by racoons) are always bittersweet and lonely feeling, but also full of warm and interesting stories of events that took place there.

Elephant Bite Puzzles is our approach to making Art accessible, interactive, and collectible; one artist at a time, one puzzle piece at a time.

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