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Bernice the Beaver Grumpy Face

Bernice the Beaver Grumpy Face

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Bernice is named after her grandmother whom she lives with. She likes to splash her friends by slapping her tail on the water (they don’t find it as funny as she does).

Grumpy Faces aren't actually grumpy, that's just their resting face. They deeply care about their habitats and are created with felt made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Their stuffing is made of recycled materials, too!

H 7.5 x W 4.5 inch

Please note that each Grumpy Face is hand sewn, so no two are alike. Photos are for reference only.

Care instructions: Lots of hugs and spot clean with a damp cloth.

Based in the beautiful, downtown east-side of Hamilton, Kristy Woudstra loves to doodle, write and create any chance she gets. As a former editor for both HuffPost Parents and Today's Parent, she's inspired by kids' creativity and their insatiable curiosity. She hopes Grumpy Faces will spark adventure, play and wonder everywhere they go.

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