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Black Minimalist Arch Earrings by Figg Studio

Black Minimalist Arch Earrings by Figg Studio

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These minimalist arches are the elegant, minimalist and budget-friendly! 

All our earrings are extremely lightweight.


  • polymer clay
  • 18K gold plated posts (hypoallergenic)


Magda Opas is the Hamilton-based jewelry designer behind FIGG Studio. 

Having been fascinated since childhood with costumes, design, and storytelling, she pursued a degree in film and television, worked as an art director, and completed a Masters degree with a research focus on immersive museum exhibits. Magda followed opportunities that led her live abroad in Edinburgh, Catania, Budapest, and Warsaw. She also spent several years working in international programming for art and social entrepreneurship. 

Since its beginnings in 2019, FIGG Studio has been about coming home to oneself – rediscovering old loves, those deep-rooted interests from when you were young and much more fearless but pushed away as you got older. Magda believes jewelry can be a simple, accessible, yet deeply transformative part of how you present yourself and build your story.

All FIGG Studio jewelry is handmade by Magda out of her studio. From when they are scribbled onto a stray piece of paper to when they’re finally brought to life, each piece has its own, unique story.

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