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Comet Chain

Comet Chain

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A comet soars through space, leaving an often visible train of particles behind it. Soaring an immense speeds, melting and dissipating over time.

This beauty has a combination of curb chain with segments of five beads throughout.

◇ This chain is 16” long
◇ Made of sterling silver

Crafting fine jewellery with intention, Caranina embraces slow fashion by creating sentimental pieces to be cherished forever. She is a classically trained goldsmith, focused on a small production scale, bringing forward quality and intentional design. Through custom jewellery and workshops, clients are given a glimpse into the world of goldsmithing and can give a personal touch to future heirlooms. We believe jewellery is gender fluid and the expression of fashion we each make should be based on comfort, personal taste, and style.
Creating since 2016.
Based in Hamilton Ontario.
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