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Footsteps In Time Vol. 1

Footsteps In Time Vol. 1

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Footsteps in Time Volume 1  by Bill Manson

Footsteps in Time: Exploring Hamilton's Heritage Neighbourhoods 

  • Spiral Bound Product
  • 168 pages
  • Dimensions: 9.9 X 8.7 X 0.13 in
  • Published: July 4, 2003

Volume 1 of Footsteps in Time takes you on a fascinating tour of Hamilton's four oldest neighbourhoods. Through stories, maps and old photographs, you can explore the rich history of the Beasley, Central, Corktown and Durand neighbourhoods.

Thanks to 18 detailed walking tours around these core downtown neighbourhoods, you can actually take your own personal footsteps in time through the heart of old Hamilton. There you can experience the city's first neighbourhoods first-hand - both as they are today and as they were in years gone by.

Use your feet, your eyes, your imagination and Footsteps in Time to experience and to celebrate Hamilton's earliest heritage neighbourhoods.

Bill is a retired educator and amateur historian. He is the author of four books on local heritage, Up and Down Locke Street South, Getting Around Hamilton: A History of Transportation in Hamilton, Footsteps in Time: Volume 1 and Footsteps in Time Volume 2.


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