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Hamilton Now

Hamilton Now

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Hamilton Now - Subject / Object is the stunning catalogue accompanying a two-part exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in 2018 / 2019 edited by AGH contemporary art curator Melissa Bennett.

  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Date Published: May 24, 2019
  • Subjects: Art Canadian Conceptual
  • 9781897407
  • Dimensions: 8.00" x 10.00

Hamilton Now comments on the exploding art scene in this burgeoning Ontario city through stunning images from 17 of the city's contemporary artists. The work of artists in this two part-exhibition explores current cultural issues such as identity and materiality. Race issues, queer identity, family history, virtual reality, digital interventions, and philosophical meanderings are all part of this visually stunning collection of works by mostly under known emerging and established artists. Including texts by curator Melissa Bennett and AGH Director of Programs and Education Tor Lukasik-Foss, this catalogue features works by each Hamilton artist included in the Hamilton Now: Subject and Hamilton Now: Object exhibitions.

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