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Medium Heart

Medium Heart

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Medium Glass Heart by Dundas, Ontario artist Paull Rodrigue.

A unique handmade gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday or any occasion.

Paull graduated from Sheridan College and has run Paull Rodrigue Glass in Dundas, Ontario since 2006.

Paull’s work has been the subject of many exhibitions and shows. His signature style features fantastic swirls of glass bursting with colour and life.
Light and colour plays a major part his search for balance and luminescence. Paull continues to explore new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of glass.

"Through multiple techniques and colour applications, I indulge in the presence of hot glass. Through the creative processes involved in making my work, a new side of my personality awakens. Creating new art presents a challenge in which I respond to in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. The seductive qualities of molten glass continue to entice me, resulting in works that are technically layered in colour, and eloquent in linear aesthetics. Light and colour play major parts in the refractive qualities in my search for balance and luminescence. Although I am satisfied with the knowledge and inspirational efforts put into the making of my work, I continue to search for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of glass." 

Due to handmade variations, each heart is unique. Please leave a request for colour and we will do our best to match your pick. 

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