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Solen Choker

Solen Choker

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Primary Colors is retro-futuristic line globally influenced by Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde at The Great Utopia era. Most popular in museum shops in Mondrian's Color Palette.

Solen Perfect mix of art and craft. Chic and minimalistic choker. Its very smart concept let you to adjust it. This lightweight and hypoallergenic choker is very comfortable due to its soft rubber "neck strap". Perfect for everyone who's allergic to metal or natural silicone!

All Acrylic elements are hand-polished with a special attention to every single detail. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.

  • high-quality Acrylic
  • matte finish soft-touch rubber
  • "Neck circumference" max. 50cm / 20"

About the designers: Hello, we are Alex & Svet, Paris based multifaceted artists, designers and makers with Russian origins and a global outlook. We are active members of “Atelier d'Art de France”.

Since 2000, we thoughtfully source the finest unconventional ingredients and we meticulously metamorphose them in our Parisian studio into innovative & extraordinary contemporary adornments with a retro-futuristic aesthetic. Our jewelry come from sophisticated and playful fusion of avant-garde design, traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies with an ethically and sustainably approach. We would like to share this remarkable versatile, tactile & visual experience with you.

Our favorite materials are Rubber (since 2000) and "Green" Recycled Acrylic, an extremely high-quality acrylic completely made from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic. It's the most sustainable and especially green choice in the "acrylic world".

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