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Vanished Hamilton

Vanished Hamilton

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Edited by Margaret Houghton

Everyone has their own special memories, particularly of people, events and places from the past. Quite often those memories are all that we have left as the people are gone, the events are over and the places have vanished. Some of those things that have vanished are now not even in the living memories of anyone left today.

Hamilton has always been a city of things that are unusual, fascinating and often quite unique. Many of the local historical societies have come together in this book to highlight some of the strange, weird and wonderful things, no longer with us, that have helped to make us what we are today.

Gone but certainly not forgotten are such Hamilton landmarks as the Incline Railway, the B-Hive Restaurant, the Sunken Garden, the Gore Park Washrooms and the Shorty Green. 

Vanished Hamilton takes us on a tour through Hamilton's past, both recent and long ago, to give us a unique perspective on the history of the city we all call home.
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