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Ways of Looking at Art

Ways of Looking at Art

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CLEVER AND CONTEMPORARY ILLUSTRATIONS. 50 witty illustrations by Baltimore-based illustrator, designer and educator George Wylesol.
THE PERFECT GIFT. Design-led, high-spec illustrated product for maximum gifting potential.
LEARN ABOUT ART, YOUR WAY. These portable cards can be taken with you everywhere and encourage the development of a highly personal approach to art.
TEXT BY ART EDUCATOR. Accessible ideas for learning about art from practicing art educator.
DISCOVER THE SERIES. Collect the series with mindfulness-based Ways of Tuning Your Senses, and wanderlust-whetting Ways of Travelling, also by Laurence King.


Rethink how you see. Each card offers a different way of looking at anything from graffiti to sculpture, painting to tapestry. Have a fresh encounter with whatever artwork comes your way.

George Wylesol is an illustrator, designer, writer, and educator from Philadelphia. He currently lives in Baltimore and teaches illustration at Towson University and MICA.

Martin Jackson is an artist, animator, writer and teacher from the Midlands, UK. He teaches drawing and experimental animation at Kingston University, London, and is a tutor for the Royal Drawing School's Young Artist program.

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